Increasing Problem Related to Insect After Flood floodwaters recede, higher grounds may become heavily infested with fire ants,” Ring says. If these infested areas are where people will be living or working, entomologists say the areas can be treated with one of several baits either by broadcast treatment or by using about 1 tablespoon to 5 tablespoons per mound. They also can be treated with a drench treatment consisting of 1 tablespoon of 75 percent Orthene per 1 gallon of water or applying 1 teaspoon to 2 teaspoons of the material per mound, the entomologists say.Another problem that can follow flooding are large groups of wasps found in yards and around plants, says LSU AgCenter entomologist Dr. Dale Pollet, who explains the wasps feed on grubs in the soil.

“High water pushes these grubs closer to the soil surface, and they are more available to the wasps,” Pollet explains, adding, however, that the wasps he saw during the state’s last bout of major flooding were Tiphiids, which do not sting. “Whether they would sting is a major concern for people who see them in their yards, but they usually hover just over the surface, fly quickly and are very seldom observed landing. Other problems after flooding or storms also have been known to come from filth flies, blow flies and smoky brown cockroaches.

What You Need To Take The Summer On The Nature Of Insect Bites summer, we travel a lot and deal with wildlife. Sometimes blithely oblivious to the fact that its wild inhabitants can punish us for excessive curiosity and bite. Any dangerous insects can be found in the summer, and how to reduce the harmful consequences of meeting with them to a minimum.Wasps. In addition to wasps, poisonous bite of a bee and hornet. Their venom can cause severe allergic reactions. Once bitten, “striped flies” a man seen pain, redness and swelling at the site of the bite. In addition to the manifestations on the skin may occur, and the general reactionchilling, nausea, vomiting, headache.

If bitten by a wasp, take painkillers and anti-allergic tablet. If the bumble bee or hornet, immediately call the ambulance, and then after take the same medications and drink plenty of fluids to dilute and quickly withdraw poisons.Bees. The sting of feeling like a wasp. In this first step is to remove the sting – a source of poison. Better to do it with a needle, taking it as a thorn, or peredavlivayte skin with a fingernail along the tip until it comes out.

It must be done as soon as possible after the bite to the poisons from stings did not get into the bloodstream. If the sting sticking out, do not pull him over the edge, otherwise crush the poison bag, and gets into a wound poison. Fix the sting nails, and is best to have for such purposes, tweezers or forceps. The rest of assistance – as well as the bite of an OS, but you can not call the ambulance.

The Role & Utility Of Fly Screen Doors In Controlling Flies & Insects you fed up of the menace created by insects and bugs into your house? Do you want to get rid of unnecessary presence of flying insects within the premises of your residential properties? Are you looking for a permanent solution to do away with the flies and other insects? If you are facing the similar problems then installing fly screen doors to your houses is the best option to make your life insect free.A good fly screen door protects the entrance of all sorts of flies and bugs into your house. It not only prevents insects and bugs from being entered in your rooms but also provides fresh air and light to enter into the room property. You can install nets on doors and windows to make your house free from all sorts of insects.

A good fly screen can make you free from diseases that are spread by bugs and flies. It is good way to maintain the health of family members. With them, you need not to spray harmful chemicals and pests into your house. Being carriers of diseases, flies, insects and bugs deteriorate the inner environment of house and can cause health threats. By placing fly screens on doors and windows, you can take a sigh of relief and can ensure a healthy environment. With them, you also add beauty to place where they are fixed or

You can use aluminium fly screens and security screens available in a wide range of colours and sizes that suit all brands of windows and doors. You can get a wide range of colours for doors and screens including anodised, anotech dark grey, apo grey, black, bond rivergum, bronze, brown, doeskin, federation red, hawthorn green, merino, mist green, mountain blue, notre dame, pottery, primrose, slate grey, stone beige, white and white birch.